Dairy Olympics 2017

IX Dairy Olympics took place in Batumi (Georgia) on 21-25 May 2017. Following events were carried out within the head event:

  • V Summer Dairy Summit,
  • III International Cheese Forum,
  • Innovative Forum,
  • Conference and practical sessions for producers,
  • Technical tours,
  • Sport competitions,
  • Cheese fest.

The event was arranged by The DairyNews, the leading media and diary market news web portal in Russia, together with Russian Dairy Research Centre, the independent analytics dairy industry researching institute.

Dairy Olympics traditionally gathers the main diary market players’ representatives – producers and processors, scientists, market experts and others. Milkow company was represented at this annual event.


Milcow company has pointed out that business and sport activities at IX Dairy Olympics were very busy. Different matters were discussed within Dairy Summit: Russian diary self-sufficiency, milk consumption trends, dairy products and ingredients import and export supplies to the Russian market and etc.