Savushkin product factory visit

On 31 March 2017 Milkow team has visited the largest Belorussian diary producer Savushkin product company. The group of Milkow key employees led by the General Director Eduard Turlyun went to Brest.


Milkow company and Savushkin product have been good and reliable partners for many years so far. That’s why Milkow team was very pleased to be invited to visit the plant. Milkow staff got opportunity to have a look at raw milk and dairy products production process.

Milkow team was happy to learn about producers trade marks: · Savushkin





Laskovoe Leto


The main purpose of the factory visit was the opportunity to discuss skim milk powder and whey production/sales peculiarities and prospects of the products development at Russian market.

Another subject of the meeting was discussion devoted to raw milk technical requirements set by Russian diary producers (especially physico-chemical and microbiogical criteria).


Eduard Turlyun, the Milkow General Director, has noted that «Milkow team has especially noticed that Savushkin Product factory has a very modern and high-efficient equipment providing the opportunity to manufacture the product of the highest quality».

Levon Gasparyan, the Milkow Head of Sales, has added that Milkow Company has got about 20 years experience at Russian dairy market and during all that period it has been selling whey powder. By the way, we were the first who suggested to Russian diary plants technologists to look at whey powder application in dairy products production. Being the experts Milkow specialists are always ready to advise regarding diary ingredients application in diary and other products manufacture.