A couple of words about lactose

As well known, lactose (or milk sugar) is a whey derivative and is contained in milk and in all dairy products.

There are three types of lactose:

- pharmacopoeial or refined lactose; contains not less than 99% lactose – to be used in pharma industry;

- food lactose; contains 95-95% lactose - for the food industry application;

- industrial lactose or raw sugar; contains 87-95% lactose.

Milkow company suggests a wide range of diary ingredients for the food industry application including 99% food-grade lactose (http://milkow.ru/production/1073).

It is not a secret hat lactose is a healthy nutritional element. One can hardly doubt its healthy benefits:

- positively affects central infant nervous system development;

- impacts heart-disease prevention;

- aids to calcium absorption in human body;

- stimulates B and C vitamins accumulation;

- contributes to maintain healthy bowel microflora.


Because of lactose’s unique physicochemical and physiological properties it is actually widely applied in various areas, such as: infant formula production, pharma industry, diary, bakery, confectionary and many other food industry sectors. Lactose provides not just nutritional benefits to the food but also improves its taste and contributes to extend the shelf life of the products, i.e. of meat products.

The actual largest world lactose producers are Rokiskio Suris, Euroserum, Milei, DFE Pharma, Lacto Siero Italia, Volac, Molkerei Meggle and Fonterra.

Milkow company being the official distributor of the main producers is ready to suggest a wide range of high quality lactose to choose as per specific customer needs.

* Lactose is a disaccharide belonging to carbohydrate class. It is a complete source of glucose which is the main energy provider and also source of galactose required for good nervous system performance.