Milkow took part in all Russian Conference in Sochi

All Russian academic and research onference «Problems and prospects of Russian diary industry development in the context of the Customs Union and World Trade Organization» took place in Sochi on 22-26 September 2014. The conference was arranged by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia together with Russian Union of Dairy Industry.

Official conference opening took place on 23 September. Following speakers greeted the participants and reported during the opening: Vladimir Labinov, the director of the Department of animal breeding and pedigree farming of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia; Arkady Ponomareov, the member of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation; Ludmila Manitskaya, chief executive of the Russian Dairy Producers Union, and others. Almost 50 participants reported during the conference.

Vladimir Labinov reported on the subject Actual condition of Russian diary industry. Government support measures for raw milk producers. The report reflected main Russian diary industry indicators covering 8 months of the current year. He has pointed out that despite of miserable decrease of overall raw milk production in farm units of all categories, agricultural units have still got 1,6% growth. Vladimir also noted that under the new restrictions cheese became the key product being under the risk as far as cheese import dependence of the country amounted to 20%.

According to Vladimir raw milk market condition in autumn 2014 will be specified by two factors – firstly by regular seasonal increase, secondly by Russian cheese production increase caused by imposed European products import restrictions.

Participants also discussed dairy industry development strategy aimed at ensuring Russian food supply security. The conclusion was that a number of matters related to the elaboration of Diary Industry Development Program are still open. Some proposals related to the plan of following actions of Russian Union of Dairy Industry and Federal Executive Authority bodies were made in order to solve current problems.