Milkow's charitable activity

Analyzing the year 2013 I would like to recall how many good things we have accomplished….

Everyone has at least some compassion when it comes to helping seriously ill children. Perhaps, this feeling does not need to be described as everyone knows how miserable a life would be without it. Compassion comes from the bottom of one’s heart caused by a sharp pain, difficult to live with, which does not let anyone be indifferent.

In the past year, Milkow company team chose not to be indifferent to the sufferings of the others, i.e. to donate money to help seriously ill children in need.

Milkow Company has made a donation to the account of «Life Line» – the charity fund for seriously ill children. The donated money will be spent on expensive surgeries of three children.

We believe that saving the life of at least one child is thousand times more important than those gifts that we could give to you and than New Year or Christmas celebrations. Therefore, all money saved for New Years presents for our partners and clients and New Years corporate celebrations will go as a donation to seriously ill children.

Due to the donation made, Milkow company has become a member of Corporate Club One More Life of charity fund Life Line (http://www.life-line.ru/eng/about/become_partner).

We believe that due to our joint efforts there will be more healthy children in the coming year!