Milkow Company participated in the 5th Specialized Congress Dairy products industry of Siberia

The 5th Specialized Congress «Dairy products industry of Siberia», which was visited by the Milkow Company, took place from 8 to 9 of September 2010 in Barnaul. Among the wide program of the Congress, the Company representatives were especially interested in advanced projects of use of dairy ingredients.

Thus, for example, at the Congress was covered the subject of using demineralized whey powder in manufacture of functional products such as bio and bifido kefir, vitaminized milk, bio curd and curd products, bio yoghurt and bio fermented baked milk, ice-cream, baby food, pastry, drinks and many other products. New kinds of hypoallergic food products and breast milk substitutes for children with alimentary allergy are being made on the basis of demineralized whey and lactulose.

At the Congress there was an example of curd desert produced by adding of fortified demineralized whey to curd products in order to make them more functional. Thus a new product, extremely healthy and with good organoleptic characteristics, was created. Development of this technology opens new possibilities of using demineralized whey with prebiotic characteristics.

Milkow Company specialists were also interested in the report about the study of manufacturing of acidophil drinks with whey protein concentrate in order to improve the consistence of ready product and its biological value. The result of the study was the product with stable quality characteristics.

At the Congress we have received a lot of useful information, including that about innovative technologies of use of dairy ingredients in food industry, - said Olga Antonova, commercial director deputy of Milkow.