Milkow Company begins to deliver dry milk ingredients in a new manufacturable package

Since august 2010 Milkow Company will supply dry milk ingredients in a new manufacturable big-bag package.

Nowadays milk powder ingredients supply is traditionally carried out in craft-bags with the capacity of twenty-five kg. The majority of milk manufactures in Russia is oriented on this package. Nevertheless the stable tendency of using modern package with the capacity of 500 and 1000 kg has appeared due to current disadvantages of craft-bags. This new package is called big-bag. It is a bag of a great size and bearing capacity with strops for more convenient usage.

Unlike the big-bag craft-bags have the main shortage – their limited size, that makes it more possible to bring modified microbiology in raw material while using in sterile conditions. European manufacturers have been using big-bag for a long time to carry such food ingredients as sugar, milk, cacao, whey, fat.

The key advantage of big-bag package is hygienic usage. Also it is possible to minimize necessary quantity of specimen products for procedure actions during quality control of delivery products.

Big-bag package has an evident advantage when carrying out logistic operations. It leads to reducing of working-hours and time expenditures. Significant economy on-and-off loading works with the means of comprehensive mechanization will recover transport expenditures in a great part. Due to big-bag usage product losses of all circulation stages are reduced.

Among all advantages it is necessary to mention comfort of product batching when mixing in a production process.

In its work Milkow Company pays attention to ecological safety of delivery products, that is why ecological compatibility is so important.

First of our customers who have estimated advantages of a new package were the biggest ice-cream manufacturers. Many of them think about re-equipment of their process lines in order to start using big-bag. Some of them have begun to buy this new equipment. First deliveries of dry milk ingredients will begin in august 2010.

“Launching of big-bag package is very perspective for milk manufacture development, - says Milkow sales director Levon Gasparyan. Thus we hope that our constant clients will estimate obvious advantages of this package and will start using it”.

If necessary Milkow Company experts can provide you with consultation support in defining big-bag parameters and modernizing process lines with new package.