The participation of the Milkow Company in the international seminar on the dairy industry development

The international seminar was held from March 28 to April 7, 2010 on Phuket Island, Thailand, on the following topic: «The development of the dairy industry in the post-crisis period. Possible perspectives.» The organizer of this event was the interbranch information and consulting center, Molinform (www.d2d.ru). Molinform traditionally organizes international and regional seminars on dairy topics.

The seminar brought together dairy producers, the largest suppliers of dairy ingredients, well-known dairy market analysts, as well as dairy industry equipment suppliers. The Milkow Company representative at this seminar was the Sales Director, Levon Gasparian.

Levon Gasparian emphasized that the reports from the Executive Director of the Russian Union of Dairy Industry Enterprises (RSPMO), Vladimir Labinov, and from the General Manager of the Olam International Ltd representative office in Russia, the parent company of Molinform, Alexander Polyak, were of special interest to him.

In his report, Vladimir Labinov gave an assessment of the current situation in the world dairy market, spoke about his vision of the world dairy industry in the post-crisis period, and also acknowledged the influence of state regulatory agencies in the production and distribution of milk and dairy products in the Russian market.

Alexander Polyak reported on the situation in the Russian and Belarus dairy markets. He noted the importance of coordinating the actions between the two countries’ producers and distributors of dry dairy ingredients.

Also, during the meeting with Alexander Polyakov, the Milkow Company commended the initiative to establish a unified database within CJSC Molinform that will contain the expert reviews of the current situation in the dairy ingredients market, as well as the price policy forecasts of the leading players on the market. The working mechanism of this program is being specified, but the initiative has already been approved by the CJSC Molinform leaders.

The Milkow Company Sales Director, Levon Gasparian, said that this part of the seminar, including the visit to the Thai-Danish Dairy Agrocomplex, was very informative. Participants had the opportunity to become familiar with the production and sales of the dairy products company.

Such seminars make a huge contribution to the dynamic development of the Russian dairy market, said Levon Gasparian.